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Plant-Based Vulva Care



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We are Canada's first ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC self care line, free of all chemical ingredients that are harsh and irritating to the skin. Simply put, we are plant-based. 

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Our Story...

But first, here are a couple of questions...


Have you ever used a vaginal wash that totally irritated your skin? Potentially even gave you a yeast infection? Used one of those fluffy louffas? Or bacteria-lathen wash rags? You are not alone! So many women suffer from poor vaginal hygiene every day, without even knowing it. 

For many years, Aminah struggled with finding a perfect vaginal wash that would not irritate her skin. Like so many women, she had a history of chronic yeast infections, itching, signs of vaginal pH imbalances, and just overall irritation. She had tried many over the counter vaginal washes that had so many ingredients she couldn’t pronounce. Many of them would only exacerbate the problem, and even cause new symptoms, leaving her to then buy more products! Usually, these would include anti-fungal creams, oral medications and many more. 

March 2017 marks the time of Aminah’s A-HA moment. She had run out of bar soap, and was tired of the irritation she constantly felt in her vaginal area. She started doing research on vaginal health in general, and found many articles that contradicted all of her previous beliefs and practices. She realized that she had been doing it all wrong, and had been led astray by mainstream drug companies and the medical community. With all the research that was done she decided to create an all natural organic brand and called it Yoni Naturals. She then contacted her friend Tamika Hamlet (Naturopath) and asked for her thoughts on her vaginal wash Yoni Calm. Tamika Hamlet ran a practice out of York Medical Centre at the time and specialized in women’s health - particularly fertility and hormone imbalances. Together, they joined forces and formulated adjunctive products such as, Yoni Lubricants, Yoni Yeast-B-Gone, and Yoni Mystic.

Our Mission


To be your number #1 provider of all natural vaginal and vulvar health products that are free of artificial chemicals and irritants and to educate women and men about healthy vulvar and vaginal hygiene practicessubdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness. 

Our Promise


To deliver high quality products, ensure customer satisfaction and always be a wealth of information for any vaginal health questions that you may haveeating, self esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose. 

Why use Yoni Naturals?

Odour Reduction

To optimize vulva health and reduce odour

To feel fresh and clean 24 hrs a day

Prevention of Infections

To prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

To balance vaginal pH

Avoid Chemicals

To avoid irritation from harsh chemicals, found in other feminine products

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