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Some Additional Information

Myth #1:  My vagina needs to be cleaned...

Did you know that your vagina cleans itself?That's right! That long internal canal is its own self-cleaning machine. It doesn't need anything sprayed up there, like douching, steaming or even water.

Myth #2: My vagina and vulva are the same.

Unlike your vagina, your vulva is part of your external genitalia and can be cleaned; however it should only be cleaned with something gentle, natural and with minimal ingredients = Yoni!

Myth #3: The more I wash my vulva, the cleaner it will be.

Did you know that there is such thing as overwashing? Well, there is! You don't need to wash your vulva more than 2-3 times per day

Myth #4: Products that smell good will make me smell good.

It depends on which ingredients are making the product smell good! Artificial fragrances are the main contributors to irritation, itching, and burning symptoms. They create the perfect pool of harsh chemicals to collect in your vulva and disrupt pH, thereby leading to yeast infections. Mild scents from natural essential oils are much better. They're actually beneficial in reducing odour and preventing infections. 

Myth #5: Only over the counter medicines/products can cure my yeast infections.

To the contrary, there are several ways to cure a yeast infection without using shelf bought products. All these products on our shelves today have many ingredients that we as consumers cannot even pronounce. So why trust ingredients that are chemically made? Yoni-B-gone is a great product that can cure and stave away the Yeast bacteria by inserting a probiotic ovule nightly for 7 days. 

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